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Green Concrete Technology

OUR VISION : Green India Green Concrete

OUR MISSION : To Design Most Ecological, Economical, Workable & Durable Concrete and the benefit of Cost Savings to our Client.


  • We all know that, Use of Concrete is 2nd Largest consumed material product used by human being after water.
  • In General, To produce 1MT of Ordinary Portland Cement, approximately 1 MT of C02 is emitted in Environment.
  • India is 2nd Largest Manufacturer of Cement after China.
  • To reduce the Carbon Footprint, we are replacing Partly Ordinary Portland Cement with the by product such as Fly Ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, Silica Fume, Alccofine & Natural Pozzolanic Material to make Green Concrete.


  • Looking at the Importance of Concrete, we have provided Stationary Concrete Testing Laboratory & Well Equipped Mobile Concrete Laboratory Testing Van .
  • In Our Stationary Concrete Testing Laboratory, on the raw material of concrete such as Cement, Supplementary Cement, Sand, Aggregate & Admixture necessary tests will be done.
  • Based on the Laboratory results of Raw Material of Concrete, ENGINEERED MIX DESIGN will be prepared.
  • Based on Engineered Mix Design, necessary trial mix will be prepared at laboratory and all the testing on concrete will be conducted.
  • After Satisfactory Results, FINAL ENGINEERED MIX DESIGN will be given to client for Execution at Site.


  • During Execution/Construction stage, our MOBILE CONCRETE LABORATORY TESTING VAN will visit the site and will check the basic properties of raw material.
  • If there is any change in the properties of raw material, necessary corrections will be done at site immediately.
  • This will give the most Workable & Durable Concrete.

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